The following is a game that James Wells described in the January 2005 issue
of his newsletter,
The Six-Rayed Star.  (For information on James’s work see
his website,

                                 TAROT PROSPERITY GAME
                                        © 2005, James Wells

In this card game, there's no pitting brother against sister or any need to cheat.
It's about sharing, insight, and having fun while learning about ourselves and
each other.  

The Tarot Prosperity Game addresses something that haunts the minds of a
good chunk of the North American population -- our relationship with money
and abundance.  This Prosperity Game will help to dissolve barriers and open
doors to a more prosperous path. Be sure to play it with people who are
supportive, caring, and fun to be with!

So, get out your favorite deck of tarot cards, some friends, and a few
munchies. Set aside an afternoon or evening to just hang out and enjoy each
other's company as you explore abundance through the cards.    Here's how to

1. Each player at the table is dealt four cards.

2. One at a time, each player lays down a card (any one from his/her hand)
and talks about it in terms of "My challenges with regard to financial prosperity".

3. Next, each player, in turn, lays down a second card and talks about it in
terms of "What prosperity really means to me."

4. Third, each player, in turns lays down a third card and talks about it in terms
of "What I can do to achieve greater prosperity over the next [agreed upon
time frame]."

5. The fourth card each player offers is given to the person in his/her left and
completes this statement: "My prosperity wish for you is..." Each recipient can
also comment on the card s/he receives from his/her neighbor and its
appropriateness for him/her.

6. Complete the game by talking about common themes, recurring symbols,
insights gained, resources and contacts for one another, steps you'll take to
grow in prosperity, and so forth.

Remember to turn your insights into concrete actions, no matter how small.  Do
one of these actions over the next 24 hours to show yourself you're willing to
walk the prosperous path.  All of you will walk away from this game a winner!
Note: JAMES WELLS is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki teacher,
writer, and workshop facilitator.  He has been working with tarot's rich
possibilities since 1979.  James's down-to-earth style make
s him a
popular practitioner and presenter at home and abroad.  His book,
Tarot for Manifestation, is a toolbox for making your goals a reality!
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