Emperor and Empress at Home
The following is a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the Emperor and Empress at
home on an average evening.
Tarot Emperor and Empress
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Emperor and Empress at home
After I completed the cartoon above I shared it with several friends, and we saw some
interesting messages in it.  
For one, the scene outside is based upon the background of the Empress card. Considering
her comment, this indicates that when a relationship separates you from where your soul longs
to be, you can become discontented with the relationship.  
For another, the Emperor’s attention is focused on TV, aka, “the box.” Considering that in
numerological theory, the number 4 (the Emperor’s number) refers to (among other things)
structure, order, foundations and boundaries, this provides a sobering comment on how we
tend to base our concepts of reality on what the media shows us.

What meaning or messages do you see in this picture?
... More humor to come as time permits.  

In the meantime --

If you have any ideas for Tarot humor that you would like to share with me,
please let me know. If it is an idea I feel I can work with and draw, I will do so and
include it on this page.

If you want a note crediting you with the idea included with the resulting picture,
let me know that also and how you would like to be referenced (i.e., by your
name, email address, both, or ??)
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Finally, here are some people's Tarot cartoon that I found quite amusing.  
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