James Ricklef -- Tarot and more ...
I have created a Major Arcana deck which is, for some of the cards, very much like the
typical Rider Waite Smith deck.  However some of the cards are quite different... particularly,
the Lovers, Death, Moon, and Sun cards.  
You can now buy a poster with my Major Arcana card images on it!  

See my Café Press online shop:

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See below for a small version of this poster (and a framed version of it).

If you have any questions, feel free to
contact me.

And hopefully someday my Majors Deck will be available for sale, along with an
accompanying book.
... and here are somewhat larger images of some of the individual cards --
a slide show of all but Judgement and The World, and an image of those final two cards together.

I have created a new, full 78-card Tarot deck called
Tarot of the Masters.
It is now available and you can
contact me for
more information about it.