This is a picture of me (with Joseph  
Martin, creator of the
Quest Tarot)
from the 2005 LATS  (I'm the one in
the blue shirt holding a sword)
2005 Tarot Readers Studio in New York.  I am second from the left on the top row.  Wald and
Ruth Ann Amberstone (of the New York Tarot School) are seated front and center.  
More pictures to come as time goes by...

This picture was taken at the LA Tarot Symposium (LATS)
in September, 2006.  From left to right:

*  Barbara Rapp -- organizer of the event

*  Me (wearing my
Chariot T-shirt)

*  Thalassa -- organizer of
the annual San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium

*  Mary K. Greer -- renowned Tarot author and lecturer.
And last, but not least, here are pictures of my 2 little sweethearts -- Puma (on
the left) and Shadow (on the right).  Neither one is a kitten anymore (as they
are in these pictures) but they're still the most beautiful cats in the whole world
-- at least, in my humble opinion :-)
And here is the
motto that my cats
live by.  :-)
“I have lived with several Zen masters – all of them cats.”
— Eckhart Tolle
Above are a couple of pictures of me with other members of the LA Tarot Meetup Group after one of our dinner meetings
(Left: Summer 2007, Right January 2008)
Thalassa and Me

Here is a picture of Thalassa and me,
which was taken at the Crystal Cave WAY
back in 1999.

It was at that time that I
Thalassa about her experiences with
organizing BATS.  If you read that article,
you may discover that although much has
changed in the ensuing years, much has
stayed the same as well (most notably, our
taste in clothing, if you compare this shot
with the LATS 2006 picture above).
Here are a few pictures from LATS 2008 (September 27, 2008)
Mary Greer                    Thalassa                        me                       Dr. Art Rosengarten
  Me with Thalassa and Sandra Thompson                Barbara Rapp and Me
RIGHT:  Me with a couple of my Tarot students --
  Amy (left) and Maureen (right)