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Tarot of the Masters
                                            STATUS (Updated December, 2011)  

The third printing of my
Tarot of the Masters deck is still available.  Contact me for
information about ordering this deck!


The cards in my new "Tarot of the Masters" deck were inspired by classic paintings by old
masters, such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Bouguereau, Rubens, and Hieronymus Bosch.

In preparation for creating this deck, I perused hundreds of paintings (and quite a few
statues as well) in order to find ones that would suit the 78 cards of the Tarot.  The classic
works of art that I found in this process have inspired my own illustrations for the cards.  (In
a few cases I have combined two different paintings.  See, for example, the Judgement
card, which combines Blake's "Ancient of Days" with Leighton's painting titled "And the
sea gave up the dead which were in it")  

You can see the cards in this deck using the navigation bar at the top right corner of this
page.  (Note that the images on this site are small, jpeg versions of the cards, making them
not as sharp as the large, bitmap originals.  However, they should download onto your
screen within a reasonable amount of time.)

The first print run, which was 55 copies, sold out in less than a month, and the second print
run (101 copies) has sold out too.  The third printing (approximately 110 copies) is now
available.   See below for more info:  

The deck costs $50 + tax (where applicable -- California) and shipping.  (Inquire for details
about shipping cost.)   I know that this price may seem a bit expensive for a Tarot deck, but
there are a couple of considerations here.  First, this is a private production of a very limited
run.  Being a small, independent production, my per-deck costs are higher than those of a
big company producing a print run of several thousand.  Also, with such a small run, this
deck is destined to be a great investment.  For example, my self-published book,
KnightHawk’s Tarot Readings, had a retail cost of about $14, but there were relatively few
copies printed (a few hundred), and since going out of print I have seen copies of it online
going for over $100.  

Also, note the extras that you get with this deck:

This deck will be delivered in a satin bag, and I will provide a link to information about the
deck and tips for using it.  I have published an accompanying book for the deck (see below)
but the online version should help you understand the deck's imagery too.  I also set up a
Yahoo discussion group for people who own or are interested in this deck (see link below)
so that you can ask questions about anything you don't understand.  I am doing this
because I am committed to making sure people are happy with this deck.  
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To help people learn more about this deck I have set up a Yahoo group for it called (you
guessed it!) --
Tarot of the Masters.  

You can use this forum to discuss the deck with others or to ask me questions about it.  I
have found that whenever someone asks me a question, there are other people who can
benefit by the answer, so this aspect of the forum is helpful too.
Click here to join TarotOfMasters
Click to join TarotOfMasters
                                                            FREE READINGS:

You can get a free, automated reading using my deck with a wide variety of spreads using
MyDivination website.  Note that there are many decks from which to choose, so you
may have to look through the options to find mine.
"Tarot of the Masters is my new favorite deck.  Not only does
the choice of art wonderfully fit the
Rider-Waite-Smith images
we all know, James Ricklef has smartly decided to redraw them
in his own hand rather than simply collage them.  The result is a
unified deck with wonderful colors and exciting scenes. Because
the paintings are themselves so interesting they add extra layers
of story -- and therefore meaning -- to the classic cards."
Rachel Pollack
A video displaying the Major Arcana:
A video displaying the Court Cards:
A video displaying the "Pip Cards":
The print version of the book for the Tarot of the Masters is now available.  
Uncovering the Tarot of the Masters).   You can order a copy direct from
the publisher.     
You can also buy this book through Amazon.com
You can read a review of this deck on Aeclectic.com and Bonnie Cehovet has written
a short review of the accompanying book, Uncovering the Tarot of the Masters.
I can not recall the last time that I found a new
deck design as easy to use and responsive as
this one. -- Sean

I just got the Tarot of the Masters companion
book.  It blasted the deck to another galaxy!
Great reading! -- Jani

This extraordinary deck is my new favorite
Tarot. The online depictions of the cards do not
even come
close to showing how vibrant and
creative they are. The changes of depth in the
coloration, the variation between flat fill and
texture fill, the perspective depth versus 2D
outlines. I am totally impressed! -- Ferol