I offer the Tarot classes described below.

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All classes are conducted either in Los Angeles or Online unless otherwise noted.
Note: I also offer online workshops (webinars) as well as "in person" ones.
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contact me.  I have also begun a Tarot Exploration Group, which
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Tarot cards while also exploring your own life.
Currently scheduled classes and workshops
Beginners Tarot Class – Next class TBA
This is an "in person" workshop in Los Angeles.
See description near the bottom of this page.
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Internet Webinar: TBA

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Tarot and Positive Relationships
Do you have problems finding a relationship that is positive and supportive? Or are you in a
relationship that needs to be healed or improved? In this workshop you will learn various
techniques for using the power of the Tarot to help you improve your relationships – either to
help you find a relationship that works for you or to help you heal an existing relationship.   This
is a "hands on" workshop, so you will need to bring a Tarot deck since you will be using the
cards to begin healing your relationships right now!
Descriptions of classes and workshops
Beginning Tarot Class
There are many layers of meaning to each Tarot card and thus many ways of interpreting them.  
This 4-week class (two hours each week) course will examine some of those layers, and teach you
to explore other layers on your own.  It will also introduce you to simple Tarot card spreads.  By
the end of the course you will have determined you own key words, phrases, or concepts for each
of the 78 Tarot cards, and you will be able to do your own simple Tarot readings.  Although I
will be teaching this class using the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you can use any Tarot
deck that works for you.
Intermediate to Advanced Tarot Class
This course includes four 2-hour classes, one per week.  It covers more advanced topics such as a
consideration of things that affect the meanings of cards (reversals, positional meaning, other
cards in the spread, etc.).  It introduces some specific powerful spreads that will enable you to do
incisive readings, and it shows you how to create your own spreads and read without a
formalized spread.  And this course will also show you some other ways to use the Tarot in order
to empower yourself to create the future you want.
Tarot Spreads Workshop
There are many ways to create a new spread -- one that will be perfect for you -- and this
workshop will explain several of the easiest, yet most powerful methods, such as modifying an
existing spread, using inspiration from other esoteric sources, and even using the Tarot itself to
suggest a spread.  As a result of this three-hour workshop, you will not only develop the tools to
create your own Tarot spreads, but you will also come away with a few new, effective spreads
that you have designed yourself.
Get Acquainted with the Tarot Court Cards
This 2-hour workshop begins with a brief overview of ways to discover the meanings of the Tarot
Court Cards.  We will then dive into some fun and illuminating exercises that will deepen your
understanding of these cards.  Since we will be doing hands-on exercises with the Tarot, bring
your favorite deck.  (Note that there is an informative section about the Court Cards in my book,
Tarot Tells the Tale.)
Testimonial -- "I was really amazed how much we covered in so little time. I once attended a Court
Card class that took all day and I didn't leave with half the understanding I got in your 2-hour
workshop." – Susan McEowen
Are You a Good Card or a Bad Card?
When doing Tarot readings, it is common to deal a “good” card into a problematic spread
position (i.e., “Your challenges” or “What is blocking you” etc.) ... and vice versa.  Making
sense of this situation is a tough challenge for many Tarot readers, so this workshop will lead
you through some exercises that will show you how to see the good side of “bad” cards and the
bad side of “good” cards.  Since we will be doing hands-on exercises with the Tarot, bring your
favorite deck, and prepare yourself to be surprised by what you find in cards that you thought you
already knew all about.
Testimonial -- "I have a couple of decades worth of Tarot reading experience under my belt, but
having a basically "positive" card appear in a challenging spread position (or vice versa) stumps me
more often than I care to admit. So, I immediately decided to sign up for this workshop, and I was
not disappointed! Through hands-on exercises and an amazing practical application, I learned how
to sail over this particular hurdle with ease and grace. Thanks, James - you blew me away!" --
Valerie Sherill, TarotForLife.com Assistant Manager & TFL Readers Group Mentor
Intuitive Development and Self-Empowerment with the Tarot
This 2-hour workshop will begin with some fun exercises to strengthen your intuitive access to
the cards.  It will then lead you through a "Tarot for Self-Empowerment" exercise called Creating
Joy in Your Life.
Tarot for Self-Discovery
I offer two different Tarot for Self-Discovery workshops:

This 2-hour workshop will lead you through two self-discovery techniques using the Tarot.  The
first one, which is called
Self-reflection, uses the cards to explore who you are, who you want to be,
and how to become who you want to be.  The second one,
The Incredible Lightness of Your Being,
helps you see past the problems in your life so that you can see the bright spark of divine light that
shines at your core.  This will enhance your self-esteem and bring a new sense of joy and optimism
into your life.

This 2-hour workshop will lead you through two self-discovery techniques using the Tarot.  The
first one is called
Follow your dreams:  
In order to follow your dreams, you must first know what they are.  This technique uses the cards to
help you do that, and then shows you a spiritual path along which you can follow those dreams.
The second one is called
Scouting ahead:
This technique shows you how to overcome potential pitfalls on the way toward reaching a goal in
your life.  It also leads you to a better understanding of what to expect when you finally get there.
Tarot Reading Workshop
In this 2-hour workshop you will practice doing readings in a fun and interactive setting.  I will
help you with these readings and we will discuss them in class.  This will hone your reading
skills and give you feedback on how you are doing and suggestions of how to improve.